I consider the point of art to be a shared experience of beauty and aesthetic imagination. Art is subjective and all meaning is contingent. A shared art experience is a form of communication, where people learn something of another’s experience of the world. I was fortunate at the Art Melbourne07 art show to meet artist Christine Polowyj when I saw, and instantly became fascinated with, her work ‘Beacon’.

I made enquiries about buying it and then discovered that the artist was on site. Christine asked me about my perception of the work, which shows an appreciation of how works can have different meanings for different people. She told me about her work on the series of small works ‘Beacon’ is a part of. Christine was also kind enough to pose for a picture with her work.

christine the joy of art

Below are two pictures from inside the Exhibition Building in Carlton where the show was held. It is an extremely popular event and I saw lots of relaxed happy people walking around enjoying the art.

melbart11 the joy of art

melbart2 the joy of art

the joy of art

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