Hako is the most enjoyable Japanese restaurant in Melbourne. The food is amazing and, with only 7 tables, getting in is an accomplishment. When I had dinner there last week I learned that they are moving to bigger premises later this year, which should help. On to the food! Hako is well loved and blogged about here and and from a vegetarian point of view here and is reviewed here.

Below are the various dishes my girlfriend and I ate. Firstly, gyoza, a joint favourite. Then spinach and tofu.

gyoza Hako

spinach Hako

tofu Hako

Then came the seafod: octopus, deep fried sardines with plum paste, and the masterpiece – blue swimmer crab meat wrapped around raddish and fried in tempura to be dipped in green tea infused sea salt.

octopus2 Hako

sardines Hako

crab Hako


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