Zoolander is one of my favourite films, particularly for Will Ferrell‘s character Jacobin Mugatu’s inspired satire of fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier. I also love the critique of fashion, and Mugatu’s new line called ‘Derelicte’, which is inspired by the homeless derelicts of the streets. Current street fashion in Australia seems similarly derelict. The ultra-fashionable wear their pants too long, which drag on the ground and become torn and filthy, and they appear to be mimicing homeless, mentally ill people. They also wear thongs.

fashion1 fashion is derelicte

Here are two photos from trendy Oxford St in Sydney. Firstly, the old timer sitting on a bench. He does not seem to be trying to be fashionable, but according to current taste he is. His thongs are nice and new and shiny clean. Compare the young man below. Same camo, same thongs. He is apparently fashionable, but he looks like a bum. What does it mean?

fashion2 fashion is derelicte

fashion is derelicte

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