I am antisocial and misanthropic, but I strongly dislike having a negative effect on other people. I try always to be courteous and consider the impact of my behaviour on other people, particularly in public spaces. I consider myself to be ethical in my behaviour and I never beneft from this. In defence of my rights in public spaces, when other people are inconsiderate, I often make myself unpopular.

Here are a few examples:

On Friday March 16 at the F1 in Albert Park, it was not very crowded. A man came and stood so close to me that his arm touched mine. He could have stood anywhere in a 10m range and had as good a view. He then lit a cigarette and blew smoke in my face. I asked him to smoke elsewhere, and he said it was not a smoke free venue. I asked him how he would like having someone force toxic fumes into his lungs. He put his cigarette out and then after a minute moved away. He cared nothing for his impact on other people.

Last week I took a taxi home from the airport after going to Sydney for a day’s work. The taxi driver, a young man of Indian descent, drove well but repeatedly tailgated cars in front of us on the freeway and on streets at 10pm at night when the traffic was light. I was very uncomfortable and felt that my safety was threatened. I told him to stop tailgating and that if he caused an accident I would sue him for the damage he would cause me. The driver did not understand my problem. He did not care that his dangerous driving was a clear case of poor customer service.

I stored some old furniture in my car space in the carpark in my block of flats, where I park my motorbike. Over the weekend an old armchair that I use to sit on while working on my motorbike was stolen, perhaps by some (now former) neighbours who were moving out at the time. The carpark can be accessed from the street when the door is open, so it is possible someone off the street took it, but the space is difficult to see from the street. The furniture is obviously not abandoned. It is stored, as many people use their car spaces for storage. As I only have a motorbike, I have lots of storage space. Now it’s more empty.

I hate people. You can all fuck off. Why do I bother putting my rubbish in the bin, paying my bills on time, holding doors open and generally trying to be a positive member of society when I am always being screwed by parasites?

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