Enough is enough. When John Howard looks back on his forced retirement in 2008 he’ll probably blame his unpopular Workchoices industrial relations for his failure in the federal election. He’ll completely fail to acknowledge his government’s policy on David Hicks as a reason for his loss. Most Australians want a Fair Go for David.

These are the facts as I see them:

  1. The Australian citizen David Hicks voluntarily became a Muslim. While I view religion as a form of mental illness, he has the right to choose his beliefs, regardless of their misogyny, stupidity or irrelevance to contemporary urban life.
  2. He chose to go and fight in a civil war in a foreign country on the side of the Taliban, who consider the dark ages rather modern. More stupidity but apparently also not against Australian law at the time.
  3. The US and Australian governments later sent their armies to intervene in the civil war. David did not go to Afghanistan with the intention of fighting US and Australian soldiers because they were not there when he went there.
  4. David was captured by the Americans and has been held illegally in Cuba in contravention of the Geneva convention and the rights of prisoners of war. He has been tortured and deliberately manipulated for political means.
  5. David is no longer a prisoner of war. He is a political prisoner. He is the victim of a criminal state – The United States of America.
  6. The Australian government has been criminally negligent in its treatment of one of its citizens in failing to bring David home to face a ‘fair trial’.
  7. The punishment he has received is far greater than that warranted by any offence he may have committed.

David should be freed and sent home immediately. I hope David sues the Australian government and wins a large compensation package. I will happily spend some of my taxes paying for the medical and psychological care he will probably need for the rest of his life. Shame Australia shame. Howard and Bush are criminals. I want to see them chained to the floor while begging for mercy.

free David Hicks

One thought on “free David Hicks

  • 27 March 2007 at 1:19 pm

    In the case of david hicks I am not one of the vocal minority. I’m a great believer of you make your bed, you lay in it. Having said this your points 1-3 struck a cord and I have to admit your right to an extent.

    However the only place he should face any type of trial should be in Afganistan. If it is found he commited crimes against the Afgan people then he so be it, he should then face Afgan justice.

    As for the US being a criminal state, surely a little harsh. As a “Super Power” they have to make unpopular decisions for the common good. We tend to look at the present and not the past. Afganistan was a terrorist state ruled by people who wanted only one thing, the rest of the world to live as they do. Thanks to the “crimal state” the people of Afganistan now have a future, a quasi democratic society and most important basic human rights something we all take for granted.

    As for defending Howard well thats hard cause I dont like the guy. We do have a difficult choices to make as a country. We follow the US blindly as we used to follow the Brittish. Do we really have a choice? I am not sure about that.


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