Tonight I went to the Popcorn Taxi screening of Sunshine with director Danny Boyle and actress Rose Byrne participating in a question and answer session following the film. Except I only saw some of the film. The event could be described as craptacular.

Firstly it started late, with lots of precious creative dears coming in late. Why do the lovely film poppets think punctuality is so uncool? I say the film should start on time, and latecomers can miss out.

When the film went from reel one to reel two, reel two played backwards and both horizontally and vertically inverted. At first it could have been interpreted as a dream sequence, as the film already incorporated one of those. Eventually, however, the reversed numbers and letters could be seen as nothing else but a mistake. Even David Lynch doesn’t use that many backwards scenes. It took forever for the staff to stop the film. By then the audience was laughing and yelling out.

We were told there would be a short delay to restarting the film. After about 15 minutes, we were told it would take another seven or eight as reel three was also found to be backwards.

After waiting more than an hour the film restarted with reel three, and without the sound, which was turned up after a minute or two. Despite many people yelling out that it was the wrong reel the film continued for about another 15 minutes before it abruptly stopped.

I joked that it was a kind of Christopher Nolan radical play with the chronological order of the film, which made Memento look rather linear. While I thought this was hilarious, we were all tired and extremely annoyed.

We were told that the film was being abandoned and that the evening would proceed to the Q and A. I left immediately and demanded a refund. Apart from commenting that it was a nice demonstration of Heisenberg’s uncertainly principle, there was no point in staying. I could have asked Rose what it was like playing a character who, from the audience’s point of view, may or may not be dead, but I had run out of patience.

The film itself looks fantastic. It?s not very original, with endless references to 2001: A Space Odyssey, but that is itself predicable. I’ve seen reel one, part of reel two backwards and part of reel three. I will now have to wait to see the rest once it is released.

uncertainty principle

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