beignet2 Not as good as donuts after all

Last Thursday night I flew to Sydney for a day’s work on Friday. After picking up my hire car, I drove north towards my hotel and stopped at Crow’s Nest for some dinner. After eating I went in search of a cafe for cake and coffee. I eventually settled on the New Orleans Cafe, which I was uncertain about. When the coffee came, it was mediocre. Furthermore, I had accepted the offer to try the Beignets, which are supposedly a New Orleans donut style treat. They are fried pastry, but they’re nowhere near as good as donuts. Don’t believe the hype.

The service was also extremely poor. My coffee came quickly but then desert took forever; if I had not deliberately slowed in drinking my coffee to wait for the beignets I would have finished it before they arrived. The waiter told me they are supposed to be served with coffee. It’s a pity therefore he does not put his sales pitch into practice.

beignet1 Not as good as donuts after all

Not as good as donuts after all

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