fw4 motormouth

My favourite piece at the Art Gallery of NSW, which I visited 2 weeks ago, is Motormouth by Callum Morton.

fw1 motormouth

It is a scale model of a section of freeway, complete with graffiti and a soundtrack of cars, wind, car horns and voices.

fw2 motormouth

The work teases by being partially inacessible – it is above head height. I could only see over via my camera, and was disappointed not to find any cars on the road. Despite being a model, the work still places itself beyond human scale – it still towers over us like the real thing.

fw3 motormouth

You can read more about the work here, and there are more photographs here.

The Art Gallery of NSW has a more progressive photography policy than the NGV, which does not allow it at all. In NSW, the permanent collection can be photographed without flash, and I was careful to ensure that my camera was correctly set.


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