My girlfriend and I enjoy eating out, and we like to go to different areas of the city for dinner. Late last year we had a fabulous meal at Vin in Prahran. Their wine list is particularly impressive. What was less impressive was the sexual politics. My girlfriend and I generally share expenses for things like dinner. Generally, we don’t spilt the bill for dinner at a restaurant; I pay one time, and she pays the next time.

At Vin it was her turn to pay. She asked for the bill, and when it came she slipped her credit card into the folder and it was picked up and taken to the till. When it was returned (by another wait person) to sign the credit card slip, it was given to me. This is not the first time this has happened. So much for equality and women’s financial independence. It is assumed that at dinner, men pay. This prejudice seems to be perpetuated by both men and women wait staff. Why?

paying the bill at Vin in Prahran

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