Yesterday I was very lucky to attend the cast and crew screening of a new film – Arenafilm‘s production of Raimond Gaita’s autobiographical book Romulus, My Father, starring Eric Bana and Franka Potente, who were both terrific. Marton Csokas was particularly good as the loyal and enigmatic Hora. Thanks very much to producer Robert Connolly for the invite.

It was probably the first time I’ve been to the cinema at 9 am, but it was worth it. Director Richard Roxburgh joked that now, having completed his first feature as a director, he wants to apologise to all the directors he has previously worked with as an actor. The film beautifully realises the personality of young Raimond and the world he lives in.

romulusbig Romulus, my Father

This poster, designed for Cannes, is by Jeremy Saunders. It may not be the final version, but I like it. Eric Bana is known for being a motorbike enthusiast and he looks like a natural as Romulus on his bike. The film will not be released until May, so I have a long time to wait before being able to talk about it with other people.

Romulus, my Father

One thought on “Romulus, my Father

  • 20 January 2007 at 11:32 pm

    I have been following this film since they started filming
    I was told by Marton in August 2006 (while in Sydney) that it would open in
    March 2007 – and also was told by an extra in the film June\ July
    Now you have said May
    Can you tell me more


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