flickerfest Flickerfest at Bondi

I’ve spend the weekend in Sydney, mainly to go to the short film festival Flickerfest, but also to go to the beach. I’m staying at Coogee, but more about that later. I went to two sessions at Flickerfest – Australian program 4 and the Celebrity program. It’s held indoors (daytime) and outdoors (night) at the Bondi Beach Pavilion.

flickerfest2 Flickerfest at Bondi

One of the films in the celebrity program was Bloodlock, directed by Nash Edgerton and staring his brother Joel Edgerton. It’s a bit rough but is still engaging, and it has some nice thematic ideas, including incorporating the historic Australian Ford – Holden rivalry: the bad guys drive a Ford Cortina and the good guys have a Holden Kingswood. Maaaate! Great car chase scenes.

My favourite however was Film Lovers, in which a man tries to chat up a woman in a video library. They speak only in film titles. Such a clever idea and very well realised.

The festival was sponsored by Mini, and out the front of the pavilion a faux shoot was enacted, with members of the public being pulled in to star in the scene. This was fun to watch from the balcony bar.

mini Flickerfest at Bondi

Flickerfest is lots of fun but I can’t warm to Bondi. It seems shallow, unfriendly, inhospitable and almost impossible to find anything to eat late at night. There is nothing decent to eat; a very average kebab or fast food chains are the choices. Blah! It’s moments like this that I really miss Brunswick St.

gusto1 Flickerfest at Bondi

A special exemption to this should be granted to cafe Gusto, which makes a lovely strong macchiato. It’s a shame they’re a daytime place. I sat there for a while before the films started and watched the human traffic, then went back after hoping for more coffee only to find them closed. Disappointed!

gusto2 Flickerfest at Bondi

Coffee was required, so I met a friend and we went to Dean’s cafe in Kings Cross, where the coffee is always excellent. Soon after we got there, the Edgerton brothers arrived with their friends.

Flickerfest at Bondi

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