This is not exclusively a Fitzroy phenomenon, but it is very common here: a piece of furniture, often a sofa, appears on the street. It seems to have been abandoned at the end of moving house, or simply thrown out by its owner. The item of furniture sits on the street for a while, then begins a strange journey. It moves locations from day to day, visiting laneways, alcoves, doorways and vacant blocks before suddenly disappearing. Has it been identified as useful and taken by someone, or has the Council picked it up and taken it to the tip?

sofa random furniture

I’m thinking of initiating a special art project in relation to this random furniture behaviour. I’ll put a sofa out of the street, and in it I will embed a GPS tracker. I will use this to find it each day, photograph it in various locations, and use the geo data to create a map of its movement.

There would be problems with this of course – dumping furniture in the street is technically a crime – littering. However, it is common, and useful to those who want to take the furniture, so it actually functions as a social benefit.

tidy random furniture

random furniture

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  • 16 January 2007 at 1:31 am

    Walking along Easey Street Collingwood on Monday morning, just along from PBS, came upon an abandoned sofa upholstered in stained white/gold brocade, wooden arm rests – “out of time” stenciled with in black across the upper left hand side of the backrest. Street art!


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