Bowie. Obsession. Devotion. Disillusion. Nokia has hired David Bowie to be the marketing voice of its new digital music download service, called Music Recommenders. The promotional film is by Wim Wenders. Nice synergy.

It’s a shame about the technical specifications. The service requires Windows 2000 or XP and IE browser. To use Firefox, you have to install a plugin and follow some tedious instructions. If you try to load the website on a PC and you don’t meet the tech specs you go here, which tells you all this and what you need to do. Well, it does this on my Windows PC with Firefox (which I use at work as my main web, email and word processing machine).

If you try to open the site in IE 5, Firefox 2 or Safari 2 on an Apple, the site completely fails to render and you get a blank white page. On my last edition G4 PowerBook (my main work audio and video capture and editing machine) and my beautiful MacBook Pro (home machine) I see nothing. It won’t even tell me that I am not worthy of this service. You are excluded from being told you are excluded.

Shame David Shame. By all means earn $$$ in advertising. This, however, is different. Bowie has been a proponent of Apple computer in the past. He has now joined the dark side. I’ve seen him in concert 5 times. Now, I’m appalled.

Nokia has decided to use Windows Media Player DRM for its content. Fair enough. This does not work on Apple computers. This is not Nokia’s fault. Microsoft won’t make WMP with full DRM capabilities work on Apple computers because it is a poor loser in the digital media business. It doesn’t try to win Apple users away from iTunes to its own download services because they are crap compared to iTunes and it knows it.

This does not excuse Nokia from deliberately coding the site to block Apple users from even reading that they cannot use Music Recommenders. This is an insulting, malicious and pointless tactic. It demonstrates not only how much Nokia hates Apple and its iTunes business success, but that it also hates Apple users. Consumers like me.

So, no more Nokia for me. I won’t use their service, and when I upgrade my phone next, it won’t be a Nokia. I’m very tempted to bin my Nokia phone today and buy any other brand of phone over this issue.

Nokia, I look forward to your future bankruptcy.

Nokia, I look forward to your future bankruptcy

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