It’s strange what the future creates. As a child I dreamed of flying cars, electric cars, travelling in space and living in a dome underwater as possible future activities. The real world has given us mobile phones like Captain Kirk’s communicator and the internet, which I thought was just too fantastic a science-fiction concept to ever come true in my lifetime. Actually, we also did get electric cars, but GM then destroyed the beautiful technology they created.

The documentary Who Killed the Electric Car?, which I saw recently at the Kino Dendy cinema in Melbourne, is a desperately sad account of the creation and demise of electric cars at the turn of the 21st century. Technology is controlled and suppressed by politics, corporate greed, government weakness, fossil fuel addiction and, in general, human stupidity.

The film is very well made and tells a compelling story, and has been much blogged about. One highlight is an interview with former GM employee Chelsea Sexton, who is both articulate and photogenic. Finally, the Kino is a great cinema. The staff are always friendly and the projection is good: bright and in focus.

electric cars and dreams of the future

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