I like being busy. Some days, however, stretch my concentration and use up all my energy. Yesterday (today really as I have not yet slept) I flew to Sydney for work at 10am. I left work at 4.30pm, drove to the airport, arrived at 5.20pm, had a surprisingly good espresso and slice of banana bread at a cafe there, caught the 6pm flight back to Melbourne which landed about 7.30pm, got a taxi home, made some phone calls, then got on my motorbike to head to the Westgarth for another Italian film at 9.30pm. I got the the cinema about 9.15pm and had time for another espresso at the excellent Alphabet City Cafe across the road before the film started.

The film was The Beast in the Heart, which stars the luminous Giovanna Mezzogiorno as a woman coming to terms with being sexually abused by her father as a child. The theme is sensitively explored in a rich visual frame with delicate use of light, a beautiful visual design with particular use of colour, usually blue, to focus the eyes of the viewers on the characters. It was remarkably well made and ended on an optimistic note of resiliance and optimism. It was well worth making the effort to see. As for the Westgarth, the cinema was barely half full again, I was probably the only skippie again, but this time the average age was 20 years less than for the Marcello doco.

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