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I have been a casual fan of The Church for a long time, but until last Saturday night had never seen them play. They concluded a brief electric Australian Tour at the National Theatre in St Kilda. It’s an old style theatre, a seated gig, with an excellent view of the stage and a very good sound mix: not too loud, but loud enough.

There were obviously many regulars at the gig, and we heard and saw a relaxed performance that included old and new songs. Hearing both ‘Unguarded moment’ and ‘Under the milky way’ made me happy! I suspect they weren’t trying that hard but it was enough for me.

I also suspect the band were rather well lubricated or otherwise extremely mellow, and singer Steve Kilbey was quite chatty and sometimes very funny. Prior to playing ‘Under the milky way’ he said ‘I don’t have anything more to say about this song.’ At one point after he and Marty Wilson-Piper switched instruments – Fender bass for 12 string acoustic guitar – he joked ‘I’m such a super fucking multi-instrumentalist!’ It was also one of the darkest gigs I have been to, and this made it impossible to take good pictures.

The Church

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