This attempt at opening a cafe seemed to last about a month. I don’t understand. The former Something More closed after a brief life then after a while Cleaver and Quill opened, including opening a door between itself and Zetta Florence to aid visibility, but after a bit more than a month its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all announced it is closed, and its website doesn’t work because the domain name has not been configured correctly. One of the briefest, oddest and least interesting openings in recent years, and likely to be very quickly forgotten.

cleaver-quill-open Cleaver and Quill has closed

Cleaver and Quill has closed

One thought on “Cleaver and Quill has closed

  • 2 May 2017 at 6:07 pm

    So weird. So short-lived. The most short-lived in a string of short-lived cafes in that space. From what I remember Zetta Florence opened a cafe out the back in what used to be that vintage poster shop. Then the cafe changed hands and they built a wall to make it clear it wasn’t Zetta Florence any more. Then that place didn’t work out, they knocked down the wall again, and renovated the front so there was a smoking area. It opened as Cleaver and Quill. Then, months later, that closed too.


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