Recent closure Zaimese Thai looks like it will soon be replaced by an Indian restaurant called Curry Smuggler. Their website already is online, albeit with a test domain. A tip for web devs: you’re meant to hide test sites from being indexed by Google. But whatever.

The wine list is the usual bargain bin rubbish like Jacob’s Creek and Wolf Blass, which indicates they have no idea what they’re doing. Just like the former Bistro K on Smith St. And the food menu is rather generic. I can’t see this offering much competition to Mukka. But I will give it a try.

If you operate a restaurant and come from a culture that is not familiar with alcohol, especially European wine, this does not mean that you can ignore the tastes of your customers. You can choose not to offer it for religious or cultural reasons, such as at the Moroccan Soup Bar but, if you offer it, offer something that your customers will want.

curry-smuggler Curry Smuggler coming soon to Brunswick St

Do some research. Review your neighbours and nearby competitors. Don’t any restaurant owners do this? It’s not difficult. Son in Law Thai in Collingwood, for example, has a brilliant wine list.

At a recent dinner at Kabul Flavour, a new Afghan restaurant on Chapel St in Windsor, my friend and I chose the best available from a poor list, a reasonable South Australian riesling, which was put on the table for us without being poured and with no ice bucket to keep it cold. Fail.

The operators of Kabul Flavour have supposedly worked in Melbourne restaurants for years, so how could they not know how to serve wine, and that white wine needs to be kept cold? Try harder.

Curry Smuggler coming soon to Brunswick St

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