My annual summer visits to Perth to spend time over Christmas with family give me an opportunity to reflect on how the city has changed in the time since I left nearly 15 years ago. I get the impression that it has hit a level of confidence and style that is genuinely impressive.

I toured the fantastic new City of Perth Library with a friend who works there, walked the length of the City Beach surf club and restaurant complex, which looks like a berthed ship from the beach-side facade, and ate at the busy Hummus Club restaurant and bar on William St.

city-beach an evening at the Hummus Club in Perth

The operators have progressed from market stall to CBD pop-up to a partially crowd-funded Northbridge restaurant of great appeal judging by how full it became as the sun set.

We ordered drinks – ‘A Day in Beirut’ for me, comprising gin, almond, orange blossom and ginger beer – and white wine for my friend. This was one of the most refreshing things I have ever had, and I am now trying to replicate it. Practice makes perfect, or it will eventually.

I later had a glass of the Castelli Estate dolcino – a splendid gewurztraminer riesling blend. This blend is becoming the wine of this summer for me. The S C Pannell aromatico, a South Australian blend of gewürztraminer, riesling and pinot gris, which I enjoyed at Son in Law recently, is perhaps the best example. The Castelli Estate was good too, and the Liquid Rock n Roll ‘white noise’ riesling gewurztraminer blend from the King Valley is also worth trying.

hummus-club-1 an evening at the Hummus Club in Perth

We shared hummus with chicken and pita and kibbeh. Both were excellent, and surprisingly filling. We were planning to order more food but found we didn’t need it. Places like the Hummus Club make me very happy and it is sure to please fussy Melbournites visiting the west. If you like places like Very Good Falafel or Teta Mona you’ll like this too.

hummus-club-2 an evening at the Hummus Club in Perth

an evening at the Hummus Club in Perth

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