It’s hard having favourites in Fitzroy, where there are so many places to try and it’s tempting to always try something new, but if you do you find your self neglecting places that you want to return to. Grub on Moor St is such a favourite, and I’ve been a couple of times recently and love the outdoor area in spring.

I’m going though my archives and finishing up stories for the year and this lunch of poached salmon and salad back in October was outstanding and I don’t know why I didn’t write about it at the time. It’s too good to not share.

Grub saw off wannabe competitor next door Something More (which has been sold and will open as something new in the new year) with ease and remains one of the most charming Fitzroy venues.

salmon-grub lunch at Grub on Moor st

lunch at Grub on Moor st

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