Something More cafe opened in April on Moor St next door to Grub in the former home of Galerie Montmartre poster shop. It’s hard to determine sometimes when a business has folded, but I think Something More has ended after about six months. This is the first in a series of closure posts this week as I catch up on all the recent failures around Fitzroy.

Their Facebook has not been updated since October 2 and their Instagram since October 3. Their Squarespace website has expired. Questions from customers on their last Insta post about whether they have closed remain unanswered. On 14 October there was a note stuck to the wall outside saying closed for renovations.

something-more-closed-2 Something More has closed

The menu was a tryhard hipster apocalypse of superfoods and pretension. I am not sure if pretentiousness is high in fibre but the menu was low on fun. It was extremely uninviting and the attractive interior was not enough to get me through the door.

To compete with a popular established next door rival you have to develop a unique identity and offer, but this obviously wasn’t what people wanted. It’s been almost two months with no sign of life from them, so they seem over. Next…

something-more-closed-1 Something More has closed

Something More has closed

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