Faraday’s Cage is one of the best cafes in Fitzroy. Like many of the best places, it is not on a main street but on a back street with a great atmosphere. I’ve previously enjoyed lunch there but the menu and kitchen have become more sophisticated, so it was time to return to try the breakfast menu.

This is the cauliflower fritters with grain and lentil salad, poached eggs and raiti and pomegranate molasses. It is as special and delicious as it sounds. The only downside to visiting on a Tuesday is that, while there are pastries, they only start baking bread on Wednesdays. Their bread is fantastic, so it is advisable to time your visit to a day when you can eat and take away something for later.

cauliflower-fritters breakfast at Faraday's Cage on Gore St

breakfast at Faraday’s Cage on Gore St

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