Planning for the Fitzroy Market, held monthly at the Fitzroy Primary School between Napier and George streets, began in 2008. Objections were made to the proposal, it went to VCAT in 2009, and the organisers won. After a great deal of effort to establish it, the market began in 2010 and has been a great success.

The organisers now want to run the market twice a month. They state on their Facebook page that they have received 14 objections to their application based on a number of issues. Some may be valid but many, like those given back in 2009, are irrational and ridiculous. Below is a summary of the issues.

Parking is a legitimate issue and problem in Fitzroy, and any event may cause an increase in car congestion. This is an issue for council to consider. Noise may be a concern to some nearby residents but it is a daytime event, and the amount of noise made in the context of the time of day it is made seems reasonable.

Apparently some of the objections relate to smell. I assume this is the smell of food from the food stalls. Complaining about this seems petty and idiotic.

Some of the objectors claim to be unhappy about the market’s arrangement with the school. That’s an issue for these two organisations to determine for themselves, so NIMBY whiners don’t have a legitimate issue there. Complaining that the organisers of the market do not live in Fitzroy is equally irrelevant.

If nearby residents feel like they are missing out on using the school’s spaces on the weekends because of the market, they should do their own deal with the school. The market raises significant income for the school, over $12,000pa, according to the market. How much are locals paying to play basketball on the weekends? Nothing? Then they can shut up.

If you wish to support the market in expanding its schedule you can contribute a comment on their petition.

the Fitzroy market wants to run twice a month

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  • 6 September 2016 at 12:04 pm

    they probably don’t like how many children use the place during school hours either….


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