A narrow 10 storey apartment building is proposed for 36 – 38 Kerr street, which looks huge and imposing next to its single or double storey neighbours. But I suspect this is the future for all of Fitzroy – a height race based on profitability for developers not liveability for old and new residents. Such developments will literally put many residents permanently in the shade.

kerr-st-shadows living in the shadows

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living in the shadows

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  • 12 August 2016 at 9:05 am

    I wish we didn’t have to endure this viral expansion of uncreative modern monoliths, but I guess it’s unhelpful to act surprised and indignant about it. As you say Brian, it’s the way the neighbourhood will go, and no one’s trying to keep it a secret.
    I own and live in a two storey 150 year old Fitzroy property that’s deemed to be one of historical significance – back in the day it was the grandest and most imposing structure on the block. My place is now surrounded by commercial properties with very large footprints, all of which at some point will inevitably develop skyward in order to maximise the real estate’s value. I know this will happen and am happy it will populate my street with people rather than business deliveries. I bought the place in anticipation of the block evolving. However, I want a development to be in synch with the fact that I like looking at trees and the sky from my balcony and backyard. If that’s going to be partially replaced, it had better be by something visually appealing and green. Today’s multi-residential buildings don’t achieve this.
    I’ve thought about this in the past but haven’t pursued the thought: does anyone know of a way to get a view of a whole neighbourhood (such as Fitzroy) that visually depicts the impact of all proposed developments? Ideally this would be something like a plug-in to Google Earth, showing not only the 3D renderings of existing buildings but also the proposed ones. It would be extremely insightful (and probably terrifying) to be able to appreciate the holistic picture.

  • 14 August 2016 at 9:25 pm

    Profit chase for developers….. and council..


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