A key to living somewhere longterm like Fitzroy is not getting too attached to businesses like cafes and restaurants. Most don’t last long. They come and go, many not deserving to last while occasionally places that are good in terms of the food, like B’Stilla Cantina, don’t work financially or for other reasons not obvious to customers.

It’s for this reason I didn’t try Cinnamon Grand Cabin on Johnston St. It was obvious it would fail quickly. I thought it likely the food would be good. Meeting the owners while being sure they would soon be gone for reasons that probably had nothing to do with the quality of their food would be saddening.

mile-end-bagel breakfast at Mile End Bagels on Johnston St

For similar reasons I’ve watched Mile End Bagels for a while across the road, wondering it it would establish itself. Their reduction in trading days and increase in prices suggested the reality of business was not what their planning had prepared them for. But after visiting on a busy Saturday morning I left relieved and impressed. The service was good, the room is light and minimalist and filled with colourful customers all enjoying delicious bagels.

I had the ‘everything’ bagel (in other words it was covered in sesame and poppy seeds) with cream cheese, smoked salmon and red onion. Simple and delicious. At $13 it’s comparable to what you’d pay at a cafe for the same thing and the bagels are very fresh and enjoyable. They’re softer and lighter than traditional ones and easier to chew.

They’ve finally added to their initially useless content-less website with useful information, like opening hours and the menu. They seem to have got their act together. It’s good to see, and I hope Mile End Bagels manages to stick around.

breakfast at Mile End Bagels on Johnston St

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