I’ve had several very enjoyable lunches at Bon Ap, a new French cafe / restaurant on Brunswick St where Red Rice used to be. I was planning to wait until I’ve had dinner there to review it but after another excellent lunch I thought I should do it immediately.

bon-ap-fitzroy-1 lunch at Bon Ap on Brunswick St

Last week two colleagues and I indulged in a long Friday lunch there. It’s become a favourite and a replacement for the sadly departed Le Cellier, the informal daytime offshoot of Madame Sousou, which has also subsequently closed. This was fortuitous for Bon Ap, but they deserve to be popular on their own merits.

bon-ap-fitzroy-2 lunch at Bon Ap on Brunswick St

One colleague has his regular, waffles with smoked trout, and the other, a dancer, loves the steak tartare and requested that the standard fries be replaced by a side salad. I don’t share such paleo tendencies and ordered one of the specials, aligot with Toulouse sausages. Aligot is basically mashed potatoes with lots of cheese in it, which is ridiculously delicious and has a distinctive texture.

bon-ap-fitzroy-3 lunch at Bon Ap on Brunswick St

We enjoyed wine and coffee and desserts too. Their tart tartin is spectacular. The wine list is good and the service is charming and very friendly, though if you sit out in the cute rear courtyard amongst potted herbs you may be in danger of being forgotten for a while. Inside has seen significant changes since it was Red Rice and it feels light and relaxing. Bon Ap is a very welcome addition to Brunswick St and should do well.

bon-ap-fitzroy-4 lunch at Bon Ap on Brunswick St

lunch at Bon Ap on Brunswick St

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  • 5 May 2016 at 10:56 am

    We tried this place for dinner the other night, and would have to second your recommendation. It’s not fine dining but doesn’t pretend to be, just good honest French bistro cooking at prices low enough to make regular visits affordable. Much better than what Madame Sou Sou had descended to.


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