During the week I continued my mission to try all the Sri Lankan restaurants in the CBD. Up next was Lakmi Ceylon, which is on the west end of Little Collins St in a small food court. For $9.90 you get 1 meat and 2 vegetable curries and either rice or roti. I chose roti, lamb cashews and peas and potatoes (hidden under the papadums).

There were no rotis in the cabinet, but my plate was served up and left on the counter to cool while bread was found. They suggested I take my plate and sit and they would bring me my bread when it was ready. When it arrived I got chapatis not roti. A minor complaint, but I really wanted roti.

The service was indifferent, a world away from the enthusiasm at Sheni’s and Chef Lanka. And the vibe was less than inspiring. The other places in the court seemed busy, but not Lakmi. While the food was good, it wasn’t as good as other places and the poor environment and service make Lakmi Ceylon the least inspiring Sri Lankan place to visit in the CBD. I doubt I’d return.

lakmi-ceylon lunch at Lakmi Ceylon on Little Collins St

lunch at Lakmi Ceylon on Little Collins St

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