Many people are straight; some are queer. Many people are cis; some are trans. The majority has had the greatest impact on our culture to define its values as normative, and normativity has become pervasive and sometimes coercive. The historic and current wrongs committed against queer / trans people by straight / cis people are crimes against humanity and their significance should not be underestimated.

down-with-cis-1 cis and proud

However, perpetuating and replicating abusive behaviour against people based on their sexuality is not acceptable. It’s not helpful or constructive. It’s likely that there are more straight / cis people who support the rights of queer / trans people than there are queer / trans people. So why insult them? Why can’t you accept that they were just born that way?

down-with-cis-2 cis and proud

I’ve written twice previously about this trans activist graffiti in the laneway behind the Max apartments off Young St. I assume they’re young, naive and have broadly good intentions. Do gender studies at uni and develop a better sense of perspective. Treat people the way you wish to be treated. Do you want to be insulted? No? Then don’t insult others.

cis and proud

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