I’ve enjoyed coffees and food at Wild Timor on Sydney Rd in Coburg, and they recently opened another cafe in Carlton as part of the new Kathleen Syme library on the corner of Cardigan and Faraday streets. I lunched there with a friend during the week and loved their coffee. It’s seriously one of the best around the inner north.

I also enjoyed my haloumi burger with ajvar (capsicum relish), avocado and cabbage. The avocado was very fresh, a sign of a good cafe kitchen. My friend was not as impressed with her smoked salmon bagel, which she thought a little dry, though the bagel itself was nicely toasted (I had a bite). We shared a slice of lemon and coconut cake.

I get the feeling there’s a lot happening in Carlton at the moment. It’s so nearby yet I’m a haphazard visitor. I’d ridden past many times but, until my friend invited me, I had not realised the cafe was Wild Timor. I’m sure I will return.

wild-timor-carlton-1 lunch at the Wild Timor cafe in Carlton

wild-timor-carlton-2 lunch at the Wild Timor cafe in Carlton

lunch at the Wild Timor cafe in Carlton

2 thoughts on “lunch at the Wild Timor cafe in Carlton

  • 24 September 2015 at 8:08 pm

    Brian my wife and I have frequented the Wild Timor Coffee House in Coburg by bike ever since I read their story a few years ago. The great story was of Australian peace keepers trekking into the back blocks of Timor Leste and finding these 200 year old coffee trees planted by the Portuguese. They soon found the owners and agreed to buy a few hundred kilos at a fair price and shipped it back to Oz and then started the coffee house. Great story and I reckon the coffee is about as good as it gets. Coincidentally we walked past the K Syme Library on Sunday and noted that there was obviously a cafe that we should try. Well we will now. And added to the coincidence is that I was walking down at Docklands this afternoon at lunchtime and found the Docklands Library by accident, walked inside and there is a cafe and yes they are selling Wild Timor Coffee! Are they taking over Melbourne?

  • 25 September 2015 at 11:52 am

    I just noticed this place on a walk through the neighbourhood last week. Haloumi burgers and cake are just the thing to get me in the door!


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