Another day, another hipster burger, this time at the new Uncle and Jak cafe on the west end of Johnston St opposite Leche and Casa Iberica. It features the white walls and bare timber minimalist interior design of the contemporary style. There’s kale on the menu and juices served in those glasses that look like jars with handles. This building used to house the Guitar Gallery guitar shop before it moved a few doors east.

This beauty is the bourbon BBQ pulled pork burger with apple slaw / salad. I stuffed it into my face because it was breakfast and lunch and I was seriously hungry, but also because it was delicious.

uncle-jak-2 lunch at Uncle and Jak on Johnston St

Good coffee and friendly service, including a change to the menu so my friend could order the chilli scrambled eggs with cherry tomatoes minus the chorizo to make it vegetarian. She cleared her plate too.

uncle-jak-1 lunch at Uncle and Jak on Johnston St

What may be the making of this end of Johnston St is the forthcoming Mile End bagel bakery / cafe in the big building next to the Tankerville hotel that has been empty for years. Its prominence may establish a new little precinct that enables Leche and Uncle and Jak to survive and prosper.

chan-chan lunch at Uncle and Jak on Johnston St

lunch at Uncle and Jak on Johnston St

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