Rue de Creperie has been open for about six months now where a shortlived froyo shop used to be (and next door to Babka). Fortunately for this business their nearest direct competitor is not immediately across the road but at the other end of Fitzroy (the long established Breizoz).

I went in for lunch on the weekend. The interior is possibly more charming and stylish than the exterior suggests. The walls feature naively cute Frenchy-chic murals and small planter boxes with plants peeking out. It’s a comfortable and inviting space.

Everyone around me seemed to be having sweet crepes for breakfast but I had in mind something savoury and ordered a smoked salmon galette and a long macchiato. My coffee was really good and, most importantly, the galette was perfect. Crisp and delicious, with plenty of smoked salmon and creamy cheese sauce inside, crisp salad leaves on top and the right balance of salty and savoury.

It would be unwise to overlook Rue de Creperie when wandering Brunswick St because you’d be missing out on something great. While it may benefit from some Babka overflow, it is more than good enough to survive on its own merits.

galette lunch at Rue de Creperie on Brunswick St

lunch at Rue de Creperie on Brunswick St

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