Having decided to try and compare North Melbourne’s Miss Katie’s Crab Shack with Sydney’s House of Crabs, I failed to order comparable dishes to enable this and so can only judge Miss Katie’s on its own merits. My friend and I shared a bucket of prawns, a crab burger and fries with blue cheese sauce.

The prawns were perfectly cooked and were presented cold with a squeeze of lemon over them as well as thousand island dressing. The burger was a surprise as the crab patty was not deep fried crisp but soft like a squashed ball of crab salad. It was delicious though. The fries come in an enormous serve and the blue cheese sauce is intense and quite a clash with everything else; enjoyable if you like it but probably too strong for some.

I’ll have to return to try the boil to compare it to that at House of Crabs, but I’d want to return anyway because the prawns, sourced from across the road at the Queen Victoria Market, were so wonderfully fresh and well flavoured, with firm easy to peel shells, not the soggy shells that signify frozen prawns. Without a lot of other flavours to distract, you can really taste the freshness, and I appreciate that.

crabshack1 dinner at Miss Katie's Crab Shack in North Melbourne

crabshack3 dinner at Miss Katie's Crab Shack in North Melbourne

crabshack2 dinner at Miss Katie's Crab Shack in North Melbourne

dinner at Miss Katie’s Crab Shack in North Melbourne

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