Joanne’s Kitchen is a new Taiwanese / pan-Asian restaurant on High St Northcote where Disco Beans (which has moved to Preston) used to be. Like its predecessor it has no liquor licence (a BYO licence is being applied for). The locals I’ve spoken to think that the lack of alcohol, either for sale or BYO, limited Disco Bean’s appeal and Joanne’s Kitchen would be wise to learn from that (and it only costs $223).

The hand written and drawn menu is very cute and features a variety of dishes Chinese, Malaysian and other Asian cuisines. My friend and I chose a fairly random set of dishes to sample what Joanne’s has to offer. From the top down: crispy fried fish in orange sauce; pork noodles; chicken satay and mixed dumplings.

You can have crispy fried chicken with orange sauce instead, but the waitress recommended fish and I loved this dish. After having read recently read about this apparently American created dish returning to China via American expatriates, to the confusion of locals, I’m intrigued to see it here. Though I have had a comparable beef dish with orange at North East China Family on Flinders Lane, so maybe this story is more complicated.

The portions are relatively modest, but so are the prices. These dishes cost us only $34! A crisp white wine would have been lovely with this meal. Maybe next time…

joanneskitchennorthcote3 dinner at Joanne's Kitchen in Northcote

joanneskitchennorthcote1 dinner at Joanne's Kitchen in Northcote

joanneskitchennorthcote4 dinner at Joanne's Kitchen in Northcote

joanneskitchennorthcote2 dinner at Joanne's Kitchen in Northcote

dinner at Joanne’s Kitchen in Northcote

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