I’ve really enjoyed the African food I’ve eaten in the past few years in Melbourne, including at Konjo in Collingwood and Footscray, the Cutting Table in Collingwood, Nyala in Fitzroy and recently at the new Savanna in Collingwood. Once I’d eaten at Savanna I wanted to try the long established Horn directly opposite on Johnston St.

My friend and I ordered the vegetarian platter to share with an additional serve of asa (fish) tibs (cooked with spinach to the left of the rolls on injera). The wat were really good, particularly the spicy red lentils, and the fish with spinach was excellent. The rolled injera was fresh but the plates must have been dressed with injera some time before plating the dish as it was noticeably dryer and unappetising.

hornafrican dinner at Horn African restaurant on Johnston St Collingwood

I think I’ve eaten at enough African places now to be able to make some comparisons. The quality of the injera varies considerably. The best I’ve had was from Konjo in Footscray because of the flavour. On my last visit to Nyala the injera was paler and less sour than that at Horn and Savanna. Like European sourdough bread, if you like the flavour you want to taste it and if you get bland injera you’re underwhelmed.

I’d recommend trying all these restaurants. Given the quality of its food in comparison with the nearby competition and, despite its newsness, I’m particularly impressed by Savanna. Horn is great and has a positive reputation, which means it’s popular, so if you can’t get in there you’ve not got a new alternative across the road.

dinner at Horn African restaurant on Johnston St Collingwood

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