Years ago what is now the enormous interior of Grub on Moor St (known as the ‘hole’ as opposed to the van outside) was the Artery cafe / gallery. After that closed I believe the building became a private home before reopening as a hospitality space.

In winter the Grub hole is such an inviting space to inhabit, as it is warm and spacious, particularly on a sunny day when it is also bright inside. With the potted plants it’s like being in a greenhouse. If you’re nearer the open kitchen you can watch the staff at work.

The food at Grub is impressive, and I like their coffee too. I met a friend there last weekend. She loved the avocado parfait on flatbread with tomato and parmesan, and my mac and cheese was sensational and substantial.

grub2 lunch at Grub on Moor St

The mac and cheese includes generous chunks of bacon and a thyme crust that elevates it from something like you’d make for yourself at home to something you indulge yourself with when eating out (though there’s no reason why it can’t be easily replicated at home, and the thyme growing in a pot on my balcony is prospering).

grub1 lunch at Grub on Moor St

Grub has been positively reviewed by Howie but Gourmet chick was less impressed. I was satisfied and will likely become a repeat visitor.

lunch at Grub on Moor St

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  • 24 June 2013 at 8:49 pm

    That looks delicious! I was there Sunday and loved my brunch – jaffle with brisket, sharp cheese and sauerkraut…


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