A new Thai restaurant, The Thai on Chapel, opened on Chapel St in Windsor (next door to Fat Helen’s secondhand shop) last week. They make a dish I’ve never had before, fried bread with pandan custard, which is an entree but it could just as well be a dessert. I loved it.

I also had the caramelised pork with purple rice, which was most satisfying. The Windsor strip has seen lots of new developments in recent weeks, with new cafe School of 7 Bells serving outstanding coffee and Parlour diner making great burgers.

thaichurros southside lunchings 12

purplerice southside lunchings 12

Colonel Tan’s further north in Prahran is only open for lunch on Fridays, and I enjoyed an excellent Penang lamb curry with eggplant salad and a side of roti there a couple of weeks ago. The food is also well regarded by The chomery and Popcorn and toast.

coloneltans southside lunchings 12

Finally, I had delicious venison sausages and mash at the Union hotel on Chapel St in Windsor. Also eaten (but not photographed) was a great chicken pide and side of Asian slaw and very good coffee at Inker7 on Inkerman St, St Kilda, and a good chorizo and chimmichurri roll and fantastic coffee at Senor BBQ on Carlisle St Balaclava.

unionhotel southside lunchings 12

southside lunchings 12

2 thoughts on “southside lunchings 12

  • 23 October 2012 at 12:05 pm

    The Penang lamb curry looks pretty darn amazing. Definitely going to have to pop down sometime!

  • 26 October 2012 at 12:44 am

    The fried bread with pandan custard is, believe it or not, actually a breakfast dish in Thailand. Serve with coffee. Sydney, who boasts a much better Thai food culture than Melbourne, have had it a while. I’m glad it’s finally here.


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