eatdrinkblog400px 2010 Australian food blogger conference

I’m speaking on Sunday at the Australian food and drink bloggers’ conference about the importance of place in social media, about how being social is hyperlocal. I have not spoken at a big event for some time and am excited about the opportunity and the chance to meet some interesting new colleagues and to catch up with the Melbourne food mafia.

This is the synopsis of my talk. Being social means, in part, collaborating with other social media creators. One of the obvious things food bloggers have in common is place – we review the same restaurants and go to the same markets and events in our home cities. Developing content based on places is highly relevant to audiences and good location metadata is crucial to content being easily identifiable as being about a place.

I will discuss how using comprehensive geotagging and location metadata can improve the contextual relevance of social media content and help publishers reach audiences. I will outline how the hyperlocal concept can be used as the basis for individual sites or communal aggregation sites that syndicate content about places. I will also outline some of the present and future implications for location based content, particularly for consumption via mobile devices.

2010 Australian food blogger conference

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  • 18 March 2010 at 9:13 pm

    Sounds good! Will be @ arts bloggers drinks Sunday – Let’s catch up?


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