A new vintage shop called Nook opened recently on Johnston St next door to Used. It’s great to see the east end of Johnston St gradually coming to life. I was also curious to see that the Indian restaurant Tandoori Station that opened in the space of the former Guru da Dhaba has changed to become the ‘Fitzroy curry house’. I did wonder what Tandoori food had to do with the Buddhist images on the walls inside. Not much, apparently. The former Sukhothai has also become an Indian restaurant. I’ll have to reopen voting on ‘the best Indian restaurant in Fitzroy‘.

nook The Nook opens on Johnston St

The Nook opens on Johnston St

2 thoughts on “The Nook opens on Johnston St

  • 25 March 2010 at 8:50 pm

    Nook Vintage is the best little store filled with amazing trinkets and one offs and is not like anything else I have seen in Melbourne.
    The guy was really cool in there and helpful and I bought up big !!


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