I recently received this messge via Facespace:

I’ve notice that you only publish responses to your articles in your Fitzroyalty blogs that agree with your opinion. Being someone who did take an interest in your blogs. I feel my interest is waning having just had a response of my own ignored/not published. Just to add I feel any news or reviews that don’t show a true sample of responses from their readers lacks credibility.

This was my response:

With respect, you are simply wrong, with the Dexter’s story being a popular example of how I encourage diversity of opinion.

If you added one of the recent anonymous spam marketing style comments in favour of the redesign of the Spanish club, for example, I suggest two things: 1 – use your real name and 2 – write like a real person not a spammer.

If you want your comment published, make it worth reading.

if you want your comment published, make it worth reading

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