I demand free access to reliable information about painless, non-violent ways to end my life. I believe that voluntary euthanasia should be legal and access to it should be part of the public health care system. The right to life fascists do not own my body and neither does the state. I demand the right to determine what to do with my body and my life.

Australia is moving very slowly towards socially accepting, and legally condoning, voluntary euthanasia and ethical, consenting assisted suicide. I expect that by the time I reach retirement age, these issues will have been thoroughly examined by our society and ethical ‘end of life’ or ‘quality of death’ solutions will be commonly available.

Australian health experts are attempting to initiate such a discussion. The Age reports that:

The chief executives of two of Melbourne’s leading hospitals say we need to break taboos and have a national conversation to improve the ”quality of death” in our hospitals.

They say emotion, high expectations and a lack of communication among doctors and families are leading to unnecessarily extended treatment of some patients at death’s door.

Confronting this controversial issue, they believe, will help reduce the suffering of old people at the end of rich lives – and also that of children suffering from incurable conditions.

The Austin’s Brendan Murphy says doctors and clinical leaders must play a role in changing the system, and be ready to stop pursuing futile treatments.

I am very angry about government censorship about euthanasia and quality of death information. The ABC reports that Australian euthanasia advocate Dr Philip Nitschke has published an online version of his guide to euthanasia. The Peaceful Pill eHandbook was made available on 13 October 2008. Critics cannot complain that the information is being made freely available to anyone because it is provided via a subscription model.. People need to make an active choice in order to access the information. Once they make that choice, they should have the right to obtain the information regardless of what spineless insipid christian politicians think.

I will choose when I die

2 thoughts on “I will choose when I die

  • 9 November 2009 at 12:52 pm

    Amen (or whatever the secular equivalent of that word is). The funny thing is, it’s the same people who want to tell us how to run our sex lives who also want to tell us how we must die.

    I have no doubt I could find the necessary information to give myself a painless death when the time comes, but it bugs the shit out of me that I would have to do so clandestinely, and that anyone who shows the temerity to assist me might get in trouble with the law.


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