A month ago I reported that the City of Yarra finally promised to send me the details of its hygiene inspections for food service businesses in Fitzroy. I now have the spreadsheet and am preparing some posts based on the data it contains. To begin with, I’d like to simply list some of the infringements that cause businesses to be non-compliant and to fail the inspections.

  • No Food Safety Program records kept
  • Hand wash basin is not accessible, no paper towels
  • No Food Safety Supervisor Certificate provided
  • No bleach sanitiser
  • No soap at hand wash basin
  • Food in containers stored on floor
  • Temperature of food in coolroom too high, food discarded at time of inspection
  • Food Safety Program Records for fridges not accurately completed
  • Opened bags with dry ingredients, not protected from contamination
  • Bar fridge temperature too high
  • Incorrect discharge of waste water
  • Food waste and dirt on floor, containers and walls in kitchen
  • No soap and paper towels at hand wash basin in kitchen and female toilet
  • No warm water to hand wash basins in toilets
  • Waste oil released into laneway
  • Lack of hand washing by food handlers
  • Hand wash basin obstructed and no hand washing observed
  • Evidence of pests (cockroaches)
  • Rodent droppings throughout the kitchen
  • Utensils and kitchen benches not being sanitised
  • No temperature measuring device
  • No Food Safety Program
  • Food items on front counter not protected from contamination
  • No hot water provided
  • Hand wash basin used for food preparation
  • No soap and paper towel provided to hand basin in staff toilet
  • Inadequate food storage temperatures
  • Food Act registration not renewed.

While many of these problems may exist only in kitchens away from the eyes of customers, several of the breaches relate to customer toilets. If you use a toilet in a cafe or restaurant that does not have all of these features – hot and cold running water, soap and disposable paper towels or hot air hand dryers – take a photo and make a complaint to council (or send me the details).

These businesses are indifferent to the right of customers to buy food without being poisoned. They don’t care about providing good customer service. They don’t value our business. They don’t deserve to be in business.

Fitzroyalty vs City of Yarra – food hygiene FOI battle round eight

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