Thanks to Adam at Totally addicted to taste and @redvespa for pointing out what appear to be guerrilla gardening style plantings of vines in Fitzroy streets and laneways. I’m assuming they were done by the property owners, but as they’re on laneways or footpaths they may be on land controlled by governments, so their existence may be subject to politics.

vine2 guerrilla vines

Thankfully the City of Yarra is now encouraging community gardening activities in Fitzroy. The first is on in the laneway behind the Royal Derby hotel that runs between Alexandra Parade and Cecil St and the second is on the Young St side of the building on the corner of Kerr St and Young St.

vine1 guerrilla vines

guerrilla vines

One thought on “guerrilla vines

  • 19 October 2009 at 8:15 am

    I enjoyed that guerrilla gardening show, wonder where it deisappeared to?
    Fingers crossed for the vines!


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