Taken on Saturday 8 August. I watched as couple after couple arrived hoping for a fabulous dinner at Gigibaba only to walk away disappointed. I pointed one woman in the direction of AƱada.

gigibabaclosed a month of disappointment

a month of disappointment

One thought on “a month of disappointment

  • 15 August 2009 at 10:39 pm

    I know. That’s what happened to me last week. Ended up at Anada instead of Gigibaba, which is what made me realise just what a terrific restaurant Gigibaba is. The 9 course menu at Anada is $49, the degustation at Gigibaba $50. You get twice the amount of food at Gigibaba, and a lot of it, especially the vegetarian dishes, are tastier there. *sigh* And then I head Dainty Sichuan has closed. Not a good week for food news. Thank god for Hu-Tong I say.


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