Is there something missing in this photo of the Brunswick St window of Dangerfield? Yes, the ANZ ATM is missing. It was removed about a month ago. The ATM at Piedimonte’s was removed some time before that. Now, apart from the branch and ATM on Smith St, the ANZ has abandoned Fitzroy. By making it harder for me to get to my money, they are making it more likely that I will dump them and take my business to another bank. I still have not forgotten the last time they wasted my time with their stupidity.

anzatm ANZ bank reduces service in Fitzroy

ANZ bank reduces service in Fitzroy

One thought on “ANZ bank reduces service in Fitzroy

  • 27 July 2009 at 9:29 am

    I noticed this too on Thursday night REALLY ANNOYING considering I had just walked from smith st… surely brunswick st is a busy enough place to have one?!?! painful!


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