The opening night of the winter exhibitions at CCP on Thursday 4 June was well attended by people with impressive hairstyles. I realise now how jaded I have become about opening nights when I head for the drinks, grab a glass of wine and nearly steal it before realising that at this launch I have to pay for it. I’ve been spoiled at Gorker and Lamington Drive openings with free drinks. I paid and apologised to the confused woman behind the bar so she did not need to wrestle me to the ground.

The best work now showing at CCP is a video triptych called ‘Folly’ by Arlo Mountford. The work is a computer animated re-interpretation of three paintings by sixteenth-century Flemish painter Pieter Bruegel the Elder. It shows three scenes of rural life in a pre-industrial setting and is quite beautiful in its naive movement and delicate colouring.

ccpwinter2 winter exhibitions opening at CCP

The photography was good too – Louis Porther’s featured super saturated colours with travel themes are a pleasure to look at.

ccpwinter3 winter exhibitions opening at CCP

The final work is a study in occupational health and safety risk management. ‘Fashioning discontinuities’ by Bianca Hester is a series of obstacles in the entrance gallery that proved quite a challenge for the large crowd to negotiate, especially with a drink in hand. I’m glad I didn’t break it. I suppose you’d call it sculpture. I found it annoying. To be fair, it probably needs to be seen as a whole work in a mostly empty space rather than when the space is full of people.

ccpwinter1 winter exhibitions opening at CCP

winter exhibitions opening at CCP

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