Last year Canadian artist Acorn exhibited at Wardlow in Fitzroy. He seems to like Melbourne, and has spent time here with local artists including Ghostpatrol. His new exhibition ‘My kingdom, not yours’ at Gorker gallery, which opened on Thursday 30 April, features many intricate works on paper and installations of creatures assembled from bones and wood. Acorn creates fascinating characters who live in mythological worlds that blend beauty and mystery.

acorngorker3 Acorn's kingdom at Gorker gallery

Gorker is outstanding in the degree to which it alters its space to suit its exhibitions and the way in which it uses objects to project visual themes from the works into the physical space occupied by the audience. The exhibition is on until 17 May.

acorngorker6 Acorn's kingdom at Gorker gallery

acorngorker4 Acorn's kingdom at Gorker gallery

acorngorker5 Acorn's kingdom at Gorker gallery

As has become customary at Gorker openings, a large crowd gathered to socialise after seeing the exhibition.

acorngorker2 Acorn's kingdom at Gorker gallery

acorngorker1 Acorn's kingdom at Gorker gallery

Acorn’s kingdom at Gorker gallery

One thought on “Acorn’s kingdom at Gorker gallery

  • 25 June 2009 at 5:20 pm

    Gorker Gallery has a new shop opening Thursday July 2nd.
    Kelly Thomson, a kiwi illustrator, from 6.30 – 8.30
    Free beer, great crowd and a good night!
    Head down on your bike


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