When I dropped in to Circa Vintage Clothing recently and met owner Nicole, I also met her friend John. He showed us his cordless bluetooth mobile phone handset, which he allowed me to photograph. He got a bakelite 1930s phone handset from a second hand shop and installed a bluetooth headset in it, allowing him to take calls on this retro handset. It’s fabulous and I predict it will be the next big thing. Miniaturisation is good in a way, but many contemporary devices have no appealing aesthetic properties. This is Gattaca, The Matrix and Fitzroy all mixed in together.

retrophone hello? this is the 1930s calling

hello? this is the 1930s calling

6 thoughts on “hello? this is the 1930s calling

  • 1 April 2009 at 9:25 pm

    Thanks for the appreciation, I didn’t know it was going to become the little celebrity it has. It’s struck quite a chord with the inner-north locals.
    I don’t think anyone would give up the functionality of thier mobile phone for this one trick pony, but its style certainly attracts admirers.


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