The Brunswick St Gallery is looking for someone to set up and operate an art bookshop (new and / or secondhand) in the ground floor space of the gallery in the heart of Fitzroy. Owner Mark Jamieson is willing to provide the space rent free. This would be your business, owned and operated by you, and you would have access 24 hours a day.

The conditions are:

  • the bookshop must specialise in art books including photography
  • you fit out the shop with suitable shelving
  • you open (at least) from 10am to 10pm 7 days a week
  • you direct people coming into the shop to the gallery upstairs.

The space is approx 8m x 2.3m. You could also put a table of books outside on the pavement (presumably subject to council approval). BSG is opposite Bar Open and Mario’s cafe on the corner of Argyle St.

If you are interested please email Mark Jamieson (mark AT with your resume and details of your experience that would be relevant to the venture.

BSG wants you to open a bookshop

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