The three main roads running north – south through Fitzroy have very different characters. The most important of all, Brunswick St, runs through the centre of Fitzroy and is the largest and busiest business and entertainment area. Nicholson St, which separates Carlton and Fitzroy, has relatively few businesses and is primarily a transport corridor. Smith St, which separates Fitzroy and Collingwood, has a diverse range of businesses like Brunswick St, but the mix and the culture is different, particularly in the northern end dominated by discount clothing outlets. There’s not a lot of food and drink providers north of Argyle St. One of the few places worth stopping at for refreshment is cafe Entity on the corner of Rose St and Smith St.

entity1 coffee at cafe Entity

They make an excellent coffee and have a range of reasonably priced pides (which receive a positive review here) and other lunch foods.

entity2 coffee at cafe Entity

I prefer to sit inside, but if you like to breathe in shopping tour bus diesel fumes and watch bogans from the suburbs buying tracksuits then you can sit outside.

entity3 coffee at cafe Entity

coffee at cafe Entity

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