In 2007 I wrote about the arrival of the convenience shop on Brunswick St near Babka. In 2008 Grill’d opened on Kerr St. Now in 2009 a new franchise chain, Spudbar, is opening in the former pizza place next to Joe’s Garage (it used to be Joe’s pizza, then it became Sammy’s pizza, lowered its standards and went out of business) that has been empty for months.

spud invasion of the franchises

I don’t like franchise businesses much. They have no personality or originality and I don’t want to live in an area full of cloned businesses. I prefer to support individual ones that provide a unique service or experience.

This is similar to what my regular commenter John says in response to my recent post about the vacant building next door to Polly. He says that high rents result in the arrival of businesses with low risk business models. Franchises usually fall into this category.  The edgy, innovative, unique nature of Brunswick Street’s many small businesses are more risky because they are comparatively unknown.

invasion of the franchises

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